Tasveer Journal


12 × 16 IN (300 × 400 MM)

A special print version of the Tasveer Journal, featuring a selection of 21 photo essays previously featured on its site, brings together many exciting projects that showcase the versatility of the medium and the various directions that photography has taken, is taking, and might be heading towards, in a contemporary moment.

With new or additional texts and images, the print features are often updates of their older online counterparts, and showcase an assortment of artistic practices — from straight documentary photographs to narrative retellings and highly conceptualised image practices, all evoking ultimately an idea of transformation — whether aesthetic, political, social or cultural in nature.

Established in 2011, the Tasveer Journal is an online publication devoted to encouraging discussion and developing debate around the medium of photography. The goal of the The Tasveer Journal is to provide a growing cartography of the history and future of photography in South Asia.

To read more, please visit the Tasveer Journal at www.tasveerjournal.com