Swapan Nayak & Gilles Bensimon: Gardens of the Mind


8.25 × 10.5 IN (210 × 266 MM)

Bringing together the works of of Indian artist, Swapan Nayak, and European photographer, Gilles Bensimon, for the first time, Gardens of the Mind is an exploration of the diversity offered by the photographic medium in interpreting and (re)presenting reality. The publication carries 60 reproductions and an original introductory text by Shilpa Vijayakrishnan.

Six of the reproductions come from Gilles Bensimon, former art director of Elle, who makes a significant departure from his earlier figurative oeuvre in this work from Watercolour, where he literally and metaphorically submerged himself – and volumes of freshly cut blooms – into pools of water to create amazing blossoms of colour. The resulting images present a range of wonderful palettes and blurring the lines of abstraction and representation, yield a new perspective on the traditional notions associated with the depiction of the flower in art.

Bensimon’s photographs bursting with colour form a stark contrast to Swapan Nayak’s black and white minimalist imagery. Nayak, a former photojournalist, also breaks away from simple representations in his series Radha: A Love in Eternity, that explores notions of purity, the nature of the self, of consciousness, the profound and the divine, through the prism of the botanic and natural universe.